Is Bud Sauce good on seafood?

Folks on the coast of NC love it on steamed and fried shrimp as a bold cocktail sauce.   

Does Bud Sauce stick on meat?

Yes, the consistency of the sauce is thick enough to use it as a glaze.  BS caramelizes well — it’s one of our favorite ways to use it!

You say BS is great on everything, name something other than traditional meats.

▫️Steamed rice - it’s better than gravy.

▫️Meatballs & cocktail wieners

▫️Use BS as a pizza sauce, then add cheese and pulled pork 

▫️Pulled pork nachos with melted cheese and BS

▫️Great in baked beans to kick ‘em up a notch


▫️The list is endless! Email Bud (bud@budsaucenc.com) your favorite ways to use his sauce. 

What does Bud cook on?

Bud tends to change up on grills/smokers. Currently he uses a Pit Boss 700 pellet grill as his daily driver.  His arsenal includes: The Big Green Egg, Bayou Classic Ceramic, 270 cabinet smoker, ugly drum smoker, Weber Kettle, mini Akorn and a couple of gas grills that have cobwebs.  

What’s the most Bud has ever cooked?

Every year Bud helps the Rotary Club cook 900 lbs of pork.

Will Bud be bringing out other sauces?

Yes, we but can’t divulge what or when.  Bud is constantly experimenting in the kitchen.

Does BS need to be refrigerated?

No, but Bud recommends shaking it before use because settling is natural. 

Is BS sold in stores? 

Yes, see our locations page for details. Follow us on instagram @BudSauceNC to find updates.

Is BS gluten free?