My Story

My name is Bud and this is the story behind my sauce.

My food career started in Washington, North Carolina at Charlie Bell’s Drive Inn.  A woman named June took a chance on a 12-year-old kid that wanted to work.  I waited on cars and under June’s tutelage I learned to cook.  We had a typical Drive Inn menu.  The hamburger steak with onions was to die for, and the pizza was amazing – that’s right, we served pizza in the 60’s!  

With my newfound skills, my dad wanted me to work alongside him and I spent the next six years at Hardee’s.  We cooked and served many burgers and fries and I could open and close the store by the age of 16.  After high school, I went on to run Wiener King Restaurant, where we served hot dogs, burgers and BBQ.  My time at Wiener King introduced me to the many different barbeque sauces and that’s when I started dabbling in making sauces.

Fast forward many years, I went to college and now have a successful IT career, but never lost my passion for cooking and the food service industry.  All my cooking was for family and friends with an occasional catering gig. During this time, I was tweaking my sauces to create a unique signature sauce that would taste great on anything.  Bud Sauce is the product of my hard work and dedication, but stay tuned I’m just getting started.